Ideas history

Well the history of the idea is part of Gisèle Wendl’s history in which the question “Where are we?” in terms of physics was very important.

Gisèle Wendl studied physics at EPFL and the university of Lausanne between 1985 and 1987.
Financial problems enforced her to drop the studies then, finally Gisèle Wendl became an IT expert between 1990 and 1994.

Around 1998, questions regarding our present world view came up, maybe triggered by the computer experience that accumulated since 1990.
Scientists who made big discoveries, like Newton, Kepler, Einstein, they did not have help from computers, they made all manually.
These questions then led to the idea to deeply review the present view on the world.
And, if possible, try to deliver an new answer.

The approach was to give the idea computer-technology and it’s methods.
Starting with first establishing conceptual views by analyzing the present view.
Then develop alternate views and select the best of the idea.
Then try to implement the idea, test the “new program” and then release it to public.