The view on the world changed with history.
With each step in history the world became bigger, with each step mysteries resolved and others showed up.

I’d say the thing of a view on the world emerged from initially spiritual cultural narratives, it was subject to the wisdom of the spiritual leaders of ancient human civilizations.

The need for usability and scientific correctness of old world views was limited by the needs of the population, the curiosity in the thing could be covered by stories the “wise men” told and they just kept telling the same stories over generations.

The need for revisions came when humans started more intensively to navigate on the sea. Maps of the stars at night helped to navigate, the servants of the “wise men” were advised to collect the know-how, preserve the knowledge for future generations in libraries and recruit pupils who learn and then teach the findings that were around.

So the first narratives on how our world actually is, as a whole, over time these narratives were revised several times, triggered by human evolution and human curiosity.

Along those revisions, the definition of natural sciences arose, evolved and came into nowadays organization – and to the present legitimization to decide what is the present view on the world, what is valid and along this, as a side effect: what isn’t valid.

This concept is correct. However it gives almost no room for evolutionary steps. So the conditions for developing better models, throughout human history, were just one thing: Bad. As long as it doesn’t seem to be necessary, humans did all possible to stick on old ideas.