The view on the world changed with history.
With each step in history the world became bigger, with each step mysteries resolved and others showed up.
Following this way of evolution is the basic concept of the logical black hole theory.

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We observe what is here.
Energy of light we observe here takes in account gravity of the mass of the space between the light source and us.
The more distant, the more gravity. It ends up in the "logical black hole"

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Stars are grains in the galaxy.
The universe - the visible time - is a grain in the cosmos.
This has philosophical, political, economic and religious issues that could change us radically.

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A new world view

Our view on the world did change many times ever since we started to think about where we actually are. From the sacred valley to the holy planet, from the great sun to the visible universe until the beginning of time - what could be the next step?

Tailored by science

All is based on physics. The model builds on the works of Einstein and Schwarzschild.
Programm Mathematica allows to check the model for known measures and resolve formulas.

Reengineered knowledge

We know a lot. For sure we know that we don't know. But do we really understood and analysed in depth what we already know? Are there things to discover in the things we already know. Re-engineering the old knowledge using today's technologies and do what the scientists at their time wished to be able, or just do what we are able to, is logically seen a thing one should not omit, when the technology allows it.

Sustainability instead of expansion
The universe expands, economy expands in perfect harmoy - but could there be an error? Could it be that a working universe, same as a working economy, must give sustainability the advantage over all the rest? It seems so.
The clue to dark energy

It comes from the big bang and ever since did not decrease, the contrary is the case. It's called dark energy - the force which makes the universe expanding faster and faster. No idea of how it's made, how it acts - we just observe that it acts. And theories go wild. Can this mystery find an answer?

Easy to understand

The evolution of theories is such that a new theory explains things the old theory did not explain. Things have to be easily understood where before the brain collapsed in lack of logic. So let's give all for easy understanding with full grip on reality.